Sunday, 15 April 2007

Tate Modern

We had a great family day out yesterday at the wonderful Tate Modern gallery in London. It's the last week of Carsten Höller's slide installation - great fun, whether or not you think it's art! Take a look at the website because there are plenty of photos (even videos) of the slides, including a time-lapse of their construction. The tickets were free, but you had to queue for them. We managed to get quite a few tickets, so we were able to enjoy all of the slides. The highest (from level 5) looked pretty daunting from the turbine-hall, but was actually rather a gentle experience and you can't really see out of the slide properly so you're not aware of the starting height.

Tate Modern is quite simply superb. I don't like all the exhibits (for example, there's a big Gilbert and George thing happening there right now, but I'm not a fan) but I love the building, the spaces within, the facilities and the atmosphere. And it's free. Places like Tate Modern are so important: it matters that we spend public money this way. The whole time we were there, we were happy, and all the other people we saw seemed to be, too. I felt uplifted in some way, not just because I had enjoyed myself there, but because I had shared that enjoyment with so many other people.

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