Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Google Docs for Blog Posting

I'm finding Google Docs more and more useful for note-taking online, and quickly bashing together an outline document. I've just discovered that it will also post to weblog engines: this post was created in Google docs, the published straight to WordPress, via the MovableType API. This appears to work quite well, except that the document title doesn't appear to make it across to the blog posting (Update: yes it does - keep reading). You can tag the document in Google, and these tags are supposed to carry over into the blog posting.

I'll use this posting to experiment a bit. First, if I insert a picture into the document, will that be uploaded and linked in the post? I'll insert the image directly below this line:

Well, that worked! The secret is to choose the metaWeblog API instead of the MovableType API, despite the fact that Google recommends the latter: WordPress supports both, but the metaWeblog API appears to be better supported. I tried using the MovableType API initially; the posting title wasn't carried over, and tags didn't work. Both work with metaWeblog.

This really is excellent, especially because of the image embedding. Now all I want is for Google to add support for Google Gears to Google Docs and Spreadsheets, and I'll be very happy indeed.

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