Monday, 30 July 2007

Amazon Marketplace

I've used Amazon ( quite a bit. I've bought quite a range of stuff, from books and CDs right up to my latest digital camera. So far, I've been a very happy customer: prices have been keen, stuff has arrived quickly, been well packed and always exactly what I ordered.

So I'm feeling a bit bruised today, after discovering that the delivery charge for the two Compact Flash cards I've just ordered will be around 40% of the item price! About 9 pounds postage, on a twenty-two pound bill! These are small, light objects and they're being sent from inside the UK. Outrageous.

The Amazon webpage for the item is here.

Notice the headline price, and the fact that there is no indication of the delivery charge. Of course, I should have carefully read the subsequent pages before clicking on the 'confirm order' button, but I just didn't expect that I would need to check an Amazon order (even involving an Amazon Marketplace seller) for this sort of thing.

The marketplace seller is called _memorymegastore_ -- I'll wait to see how fast a delivery I get for my 9 pound, then leave them some feedback. I've emailed Amazon too, but don't expect much...

Caveat emptor...

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