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Peter Murray blogs about healthcare informatics on the BCS site, but the post that I've linked to here is all about, an amazing piece of work all done in Flash (as far as I can see), offering a kind of VM accessible through the browser.  Thanks to Peter's post, I've signed up. I also managed to get my preferred user-name, 'roger', so I guess there aren't too many users yet.

The Flash applet does all the work of course, much like an X Window System display server does when you drive it over a network (I can remember actually doing this! It's a fundamental feature of X: how many people still exploit it?).

With you get 3GB(!) of space and they claim you can ftp from Windows Explorer stright to your online store.  I tried this but it didn't work for me: I tried twice to upload a couple of PDFs - Windows thought it had transferred them but they didn't show up in

A bit of a toy, as it stands, but very impressive and worth keeping an eye on.

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