Sunday, 17 February 2008

Java Futures - and Software Processeses (sic)

If you're looking for a good summary of what's coming up in Java FX, the Java SE Update (the 'consumer JRE') or JDK 7, then this talk given by Chet Haase is a must-see.  It's quite long, but it's worth taking the extra time because this is good, solid content.  And it's so good to get all this material presented by a first-class technical presenter rather than having to sit through shallow Powerpoint 'fluff' from marketing.

After watching this I located Chet's blog, and found his hugely entertaining send-up of our industry preoccupation with methodology.  I think we have a new candidate taxonomy of the software process landscape!  Conference Driven Development reminded me of some Microsoft technologies I recall hearing about - people were building plans on top of some of this stuff before we'd even left the PDC...

I don't have time to play with Update N or to try Java FX Script just now.  FX Script interests me mainly because of the nice binding environment it promises, but JRuby will probably get my attention before FX mainly because I can put it to use on real problems more quickly.

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