Thursday, 21 August 2008

NetBeans 6.5 Unusable?

I recently installed NetBeans 6.5 Beta on both OSs on my laptop (Acer 2GHz dual-core, 2GB, dual-booting Win XP and LinuxMint) and I almost immediately uninstalled it. What is going on? Some of the UI appears to be broken: controls not lining up correctly, some dialogs displaying completely blank contents, some the wrong size (e.g. far too big). Sometimes the last two could be fixed by closing/re-opening, but not every time. It also felt a lot slower than 6.1.

Seems other people have been having the same experience. A lot of what Casper wrote in his piece resonated with me, as I also come from the Visual Studio / C# background. I do hope the NetBeans team pays attention because this is an important product which is already good, and deserves to be better. I really don't want to use Eclipse, and I'd prefer not to pay for IntelliJ. Come on Sun!

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