Monday, 15 September 2008

Google Protocol Buffers

The Protocol Buffers (PB) idea is obviously good from a performance point of view, but with so much messaging already defined in XSD, I want a tool which will generate the .proto file for a given XSD.  Does such a thing exist yet?  If not, it would make an interesting project. The obvious twin would be a library (linked to the generated .proto code) which accepts a DOM or a SAX stream and generates PB data - a kind of PB-adapter.

The value of protocol buffers is mostly in creating more compact representations on the wire, and speed in parsing/unparsing. But there's a lot of code out there already using XSD/XML internally which nobody wants to rewrite just to use PBs.  Would the cost of conversion to/from an in-memory DOM cancel-out the gains?

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