Monday, 15 September 2008

Rick Wright

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Floyd founder Wright dies at 65

Such a shock to see this BBC news headline.  Like many of my generation (40-something), I regard The Dark Side of the Moon as the key soundtrack of my early life.  As a teenager I knew every word and every note of every song (probably still do) from an album I listened to endlessly back then, and have listened to on-and-off ever since. 

The first copy I had was a copy of a school-mate's album, on a C90 cassette.  I borrowed a typewriter to write out the lyrics.  Somewhere, in the bottom of a box, I probably still have those sheets of paper.  I wore out that tape.  Eventually I'd saved enough for my own copy, but (would you believe it) I lent the album to someone and never got it back.  But I'm sure I've got the posters, probably in the bottom of that same box, wherever it is.  It's just impossible to explain how important that music was.  It still affects me, even now.  It will always be my favourite album.  Bar none. Nothing can displace it, ever.

"I am not frightened of dying.
Anytime will do, I don't mind.
Why should I be frightened of dying?
There's no reason for it,
You've got to go sometime..."
(from The Great Gig in the Sky.  Rick Wright / Clare Torrey)

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