Saturday, 29 November 2008

Brunel, Robert Howlett and David White

Just came across this wonderful short piece on the BBC website. Well worth watching. What a great idea: well done to David White and the BBC.

Modern-day civil-engineering rarely seems to aspire to match that mixture of functional beauty and sense of proportion which Brunel's works all seem to have. But I must put in a good word for the revived, extended and transformed St. Pancras International station. The main concourse is a marvellous place to be (apart from the silly, cheesy, oversized statue of the couple): a couple of times recently, when on our way back to King's Cross station, Dan and I have walked in just to take-in and admire what's been done.

Then we wander back to the dirty, grim, gloomy shed which is the current King's Cross. We've often talked about how wonderful it would be if something similar to St. Pancras were done for King's Cross. The good news is that Network Rail is working on it.

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