Monday, 23 February 2009


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Although Project Locker has served me very well for a good many years, better alternatives have emerged recently. I didn’t set out to switch providers, only to see whether Project Locker would support Mercurial or git. At the time, neither were available – since then PL have added git support. It was while looking around at the many newer project hosting services that I came across Assembla.

The Assembla proposition is simple and very reasonable: public, open-source projects are hosted for free (up to 200MB). Private plan pricing is extremely keen:

  • $2.00 per user per space, per month
  • $3.00 per gigabyte of disk space per month
  • $8 per user per month maximum. After you pay for a team member in four spaces, additional spaces are free.

Private plans get unlimited disc space.

But for me, the economics of Assembla are only half the story: the other half is a combination of things: the clean, functional web interface, the range of additional tools (Trac, wiki, files, chat, project dashboard etc.) and a strong feeling that the people behind Assembla know what they are doing.

Assembla does offer git hosting, but I’m sticking with Subversion for now.  SVN is good enough for my purposes and I can’t live without TortoiseSVN.

I’ve been using Assembla for a couple of months and my experience has been very good indeed. 

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