Wednesday, 18 March 2009

DropBox again

The previous post elicited a comment from Andy at CloudBerry Lab:

I am a developer of another online backup product powered by Amazon S3 that we are going to release to beta soon. I would appreciate if you take a look and may be post a review on your blog.

Well I did take a look, but the CloudBerry product isn’t really what I’m looking for.  If all you want/need is a Windows-only client for accessing your S3 buckets directly and copying/moving content, then this product might well be just right.  But it doesn’t really compete with DropBox or JungleDisk.  Andy: if your product were closer to DropBox, and cross-platform, then I would have reviewed it.  As it is, I can’t pass judgement.

If you have time to plough through a very long blog thread, check out Jeremy Zawodny’s excellent piece on Amazon S3 tools. The discussion thread contains links to most (maybe all) the tools out there.

I’ve also been reading the DropBox forums. It’s good to see plenty of other people have requested features I miss (e.g. ability to configure DB to ignore certain file patterns).  There is an upcoming features wiki page which lists some things coming ‘soon’.  Nothing on using your own S3 space though.

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