Thursday, 2 July 2009

HAPI 0.6 Released

Anyone involved in HL7 processing should be aware of the HL7 API (‘HAPI’) project.  HAPI is a set of Java libraries for parsing, unparsing and manipulating HL7 messages, plus some communication primitives for handling MLLP communication. 

This was started some time ago by Bryan Tripp at the University Health Network in Canada, but recently the work of maintaining the project and pushing forward with development has been taken on by James Agnew.

Version 0.6 brings support for HL7 v2.5.1 and v2.6, and separate jars for the different HL7 versions. James’ announcement also hinted he’s looking at significant performance improvements in future releases. This is great news: thanks are due to James for his continued good work.

If you’re trying to find the bits, note that the download link isn’t in the HAPI site sidebar – go to the Using HAPI / Developing page, and you’ll find the link to the Sourceforge download page there.

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  1. Download link for HAPI in is not working :S can you send me a direct link. Thank you

  2. Are you using HAPI 0.6 now instead of 0.5.1? If so, what have you done with your makeACK method now that there is no longer a v2 SourceGenerator class? Many thanks for your examples, by the way, they've been a great help to me.