Monday, 30 August 2010

NetBeans Platform 6.9 Developers Guide

I've been asked to review the NetBeans Platform 6.9 Developers Guide by Packt Publishing.  This is a book which I was considering buying in any case, so it's nice to be given a copy, even if it is the PDF rather than the paper. 

I've bought quite a few PDF e-books in the past, mostly from Manning, usually because I just wanted the information right now, but also because having the PDF on the laptop weighs nothing.  Commuting and heavy technical books don't mix.  However, I do prefer paper: as soon as a PDF book becomes important to me, I buy the physical book.

NetBeans is easily my preferred Java / Groovy IDE, and the NetBeans platform has become even more compelling recently with OSGi support and Maven archetypes for NB modules.  I have had a copy of the original NetBeans Rich Client Programming book published by Sun for more than a year, but to be honest I found the online resources, sample projects and Geertjan's tutorial screencasts rather more helpful than the book!  As I went through the Sun book, I remember thinking that I would probably get a lot more out of it once I knew how to create a NB platform application.  I think it's one of those books.

So I am very much looking forward to getting stuck into the Packt book.  From a first look at the Preface and chapter summaries it appears to take an API-focused approach, dealing with 'top-10' in much the way Geertjan's screencasts do, which is a good sign because I found they worked very well. The book essentially builds a complete platform application as it goes along, so I'm hoping to see the authors tie together the various ideas using the application as the binding context.

I'll post my review here, but I'm on vacation so it will be a week or two yet.